High School Hockey Tournament

WES For Youth Online High School Hockey Tournament November 2017

NOTE TO PLAYERS: … Be ready to play ½  HOUR before game time. Support WES For Youth Online


Boys  (Teal)                                                                                                       Girls (Purple)

Division A                                                                                                              Division A

Sacred Heart 1 (SH1)                                                                                           Sacred Heart (SH)

ESC Algonquin North Bay (ESC)                                                                         John Diefenbaker (JD)

John Diefenbaker (JD)                                                                                         FE Madill (FE)

FE Madill (FE)                                                                                                        Elmvale (ELM)

Elmvale (ELM)


Division B                                                                                                              Division B

Resurrection (RES)                                                                                               CCVI (CCV)

Sacred Heart 2 (SH2)                                                                                           St. Anne’s (STA)

Wellington HTS (WH)                                                                                          St Mary’s Owen Sound (SM)

CCVI (CCVI)                                                                                                            Walkerton District (WD)

St Mary’s Owen Sound (SM)



Boys Games in Teal and Girls Games in Purple

Day 1 – Wednesday November 15, 2017





8-9:15 JD vs FE SH2 vs WH WD vs SM
9:15-10:30 SH1 vs ESC CCVI vs SM CCVI vs STA
10:30-11:45 JD vs FE RES vs SH2 ELM vs JD
11:45-1:00 SH vs FE ESC vs ELM STA vs SM
1:00-2:15 SH1 vs JD RES vs CCVI WH vs SM
2:15-3:30 SH vs JD ELM vs FE WD vs CCVI
3:30-4:45 ELM vs FE   SH2 vs CCVI


Day 2 – Thursday November 16, 2017






8:00-9:15 ESC vs JD SH1 vs FE WH vs RES STA vs WD
9:15-10:30 ELM vs JD SH vs ELM RES vs SM SM vs CCVI
10:30-11:45 ELM vs SH1 FE vs ESC SM vs SH2 CCVI vs WH
11:45-1:00 Semis Girls A1 vs B2 Semis Girls A2 vs B1 Smiley GirlsA4 vs B4 Consol GirlsA3 vs B3
1:00-2:15 Semis BoysA1 vs B2 Semis BoysA2 vs B1    
2:15-3:30 Gold Girls   Bronze Girls    
3:30-4:45 Gold Boys Bronze Boys